Saturday, June 2, 2012

Another Weekend "Off"

It's looking like it's going to be another weekend free from hard workouts.

My husband is out of town, and the gym has very limited daycare on Saturday and none on Sunday.  I'm thinking maybe a long walk later with the stroller; however, I'm due for some strength training.  Maybe I'll work my upper body with pushups, weights and some abs.  Either way, I'm determined to do SOMETHING today.

Since I won't be running, I am going to try to be pretty mindful of what I put in my body.  They say it's 80% food, 20% working out.....sure do wish it was the other way around!!!!

Oh, I DO plan to get new running shoes today, so that's exciting.  I've been getting shin splits the last couple of weeks....and rumor has it, the reason is because I need new shoes.  Hope they work!

Hope you all have a heatlhy and fun weekend!

It's going to be pretty uneventful here!


  1. Let me know what you get because I have been getting horrible shin splits too.

  2. Are you new to running? When I first started, I always got them, but I haven't had them the last few months. They say you need to get new shoes every 4-6 months depending on your use. Mine were probably about 9 months old, and since I've increased my running, it made sense. I went to a specialty running store. They look at your foot and the way you walk around and gauge what type of shoe you need.