Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Scale - Friend or Foe?

When I am in the weight loss mode, I hate the scale.  The stupid thing never seems to move when I think it should, nor does it EVER move as much as I think it should!

But in the maintenance mode, I have to say the scale is my best friend.

I weigh myself daily.

Yes, daily.

I know you aren't "suppose" to weigh daily, as I know women fluctuate a lot (and I am queen of water retention sometimes), but I still do it.

It keeps me accountable.

I don't freak out if it's up 1-2 pounds one morning.  I just move along, do what I do, and expect that the next day it will be back down.  Now, if that 1-2 pounds remains for 3-4-5 days in a row, then we might have a little problem.  And if that 1-2 pounds starts turning into 3-4 pounds, then....that's just weight gain.  If the scale is up day after day and never goes back down, it's not water weight.

So for maintenance, I think the scale is a good thing.  Since I tend to gain weight all over my body, I could easily gain 5-8 pounds before I noticed in my clothes, but if I weigh daily, I'll would notice that gain much sooner.

I hear marathon and half-marathon training can bring on weight gain.  I'm curious to see how that plays out in the coming months! 

SIDE NOTE:  Lunch today was a tomato, avocado and cucumber "salad" with a little lime juice.  SOOO good.