Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Nice to Meet You!

Hi! If you don't know me, I'm Tessa.  I recently decided that I wanted somewhere to document my weight-loss/fitness progress.  Somewhere I could write…and maybe hold myself accountable!  So this is the short story….of how I got to where I was….and where I am now…
I hesitate to call this a weight-loss blog, as I’ve already lost most of my extra weight (although I’m not sure we are ever “done”).  I just want a place to document progress, recipes, just daily healthy living....even if I only have 1 or 2 people who read it! :)

I wasn’t always heavy.  In high school, there were times I was probably a little too skinny. 
(these jeans were STYLIN'....that's me on the right....circa mid-90's)

At 20, when I met Jason (my now husband), I was a very healthy size 6 or so.
(I'm in the middle)

By the time I graduated college just 2 years later, I had put on quite a bit of weight.
I lost a little for our 2006 wedding, but was still about a size 12.

By the time I got pregnant with my daughter in 2008, I had ballooned to an all time high and was wearing a size 16 (gasp).   
(this is the trip in which I got pregnant...my all time pre-pregnancy fattest!)

(I believe this is only about 7 months prego...yikes)

After I had my daughter, I lost a little weight and thought I was on the right track (although I wasn't trying to lose necessarily).  Then 9 months later, I quit nursing and I really packed on the pounds.   
(at my heaviest...post-baby...January 2010)
I joined the gym at my work in January 2010.  I signed up for an 8-week weight loss challenge and immediately lost 15 pounds.  I kept working out off-and-on….and I actually managed to keep off (most) of those 15 pounds, but I didn’t lose any more.  Then my in-laws decided to take the family to Hawaii in June 2011.  Worst nightmare ever for someone who doesn’t even wear shorts, much less a swimsuit!  So I kicked it into high gear and decided I was going to lose the weight. 
December 2010  - when I REALLY started trying to lose the weight.

I dropped a couple of sizes before Hawaii, but definitely didn’t get where I wanted to be. 
both pics...July 2011

After we came back from our trip, I just kept going.  I just made the commitment to change, and I’ve stuck with it. 
To date, I’ve lost a total of 60 pounds. 
As you can see...I'm not done yet...not until I'm totally comfortable with my arms!!  Ohhhh, the dreaded arms!
I’m currently stuck between a size 6 & size 8.  I would guess that I’d like to lose another 10 pounds….maybe 15.  I’ve changed my “goals” so many times, I just honestly don’t know what my ultimate goal is.  I do know I don’t have a “weight” goal.  Weight is truly just a number.  I can weigh the exact same as someone else and be 2 sizes different than them.  IT IS JUST A NUMBER.  It’s taken me a while to accept that, but I think I truly do now.

                          People ask me all the time:  What’s your secret?  How’d you do it?
My answer:  Eat less (not really less, but different).  Move more.  And don’t ever go back to your old habits.  It really is that simple!  That being said, I do think strength training plays a pretty big part.  I *love* weight training (more on that to come in future posts).
Oh, and one more HUGE component of weight loss success…and probably the most important one – WILL, DETERMINATION & PATIENCE.  It takes time.  And you will fall off the wagon, but the next day, you just have to get right back on track. 

Keep going.  Don’t give up.  And never, ever go back. 

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  1. I am excited to keep up wiht you here...yeah for another new blog to read