Monday, April 30, 2012

Oatmeal Protein Pancakes

I don't necessarily plan on making this blog all about food....I swear!  That being said, I am a fan of trying new healthy recipes, so I figure I might as well share any that I find appealing!

Check out this Chocolate Cookie recipe.  These are made almost weekly in my house.  They aren't your normal cookie, but my husband, 3 year old and I all enjoy them! 

This morning, I made protein-rich pancakes.  As stated before, I'm reading The New Rules of Lifting for Women (we'll call it NROLFW from now on).  It's really big on protein and many of the recipes add whey protein (do your research before buying...don't waste your money on fillers....spend extra and get a good quality protein).  I've just started using whey protein powder this weekend, so I can't really say much about it yet.

So....back to the "pancakes".

They were different.  Not exactly pancake-like consistency...more like an well, there was more egg in this than anything else.  I tweaked the recipe a bit and added a few mini-chocolate chips (I don't use I thought they might need something sweet).

The batter is pretty runny.....again, it's mainly egg white.

Finished product.

They kind of look like pancakes.

Would I make them again?  Probably
Would I serve them to guests?  Probably not.

If you go into it knowing they aren't the consistency of pancakes and aren't going to taste exactly like pancakes, then I think it's safe to give them a try.  They are certaintly better for you than regular pancakes...even with the added chocolate!!!

FYI - this was a lot of food.  I made 3 pancakes out of this recipe.  I ate 2 for breakfast and the 3rd for my mid-morning snack.

Recipe Stats:  355 calories, 39 g protein, 43 g carbs (5 g fiber), 3 g fat (1 g sat)

Oatmeal Protein Pancakes

This pancake recipe comes from Cassandra Forsythe, a nutrition educator and weight-loss coach. Loaded with protein and fiber, these pancakes pack a powerful punch.

Mix together:
4 large egg whites
1/4 cup of old-fashioned oats
2 tbsp. whole-wheat pancake mix
2 tbsp. vanilla whey-protein powder
half a banana 
dash of both cinnamon

Pour the mixture onto a hot skillet and cook as you do regular pancakes. Finish it with a little sugar-free syrup or sugar-free applesauce.

Feel free to share any good healthy recipes you have!  Particularly ones high in protein and lower in sugar!

Friday, April 27, 2012

An Apple Sandwich

My lunch yesterday was pretty tasty.

I got the idea from Pinterest
(isn't that where every good idea is found???).

My apples were tiny...but that's my only complaint.  Oh...and I need an apple corer.  That really would have been nice to have!

By using apples instead of bread, you cut out all kinds of calories and carbs.  And the mini-chocolate chips just added a little something extra nice.

I may or may not have eaten this low-carb sandwich with a few chips...that's balance, right?! 

 I guess it's time for me to reveal my any form but particularly to tortilla chips.  I've cut them out totally from time to time, but it never lasts more than 4-5 days!  I've had other addictions that I've managed to let go of (diet coke being one....4 months clean and don't miss it a bit).....but those dang chips....they get me every time.

Everything in moderation, right?  So I just put a serving on my plate and put the bag away.  NEVER leave the open bag on the counter...that's just asking for trouble.  So I serve myself a proper amount and put the bag away.  That way, I don't overinduldge, but I still get to have them.  I end completely satisfied and never feeling guilty. It's a win-win!

What's something you refuse to give up?

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Drinking My Veggies

A Little Background....

***2nd Update - My entire family (husband, daughter, mother, mother-in-law)....we're all drinking these on a regular basis.  If I can get my picky 3 year old to ASK me to make her one...and if I can get my husband who refuses to eat both fruit and spinach to also drink it....I'm telling you, it's good!  It thrills my soul to be able to get my spinach in first thing in the morning!!!

****UPDATE - I had a brave friend give this a try.  She called me this morning and said it was really good, and she really enjoyed it.  See?  I'm not crazy afterall.  Go ahead guys.....add a little spinach to your morning smoothies!

1.   I just recently (as in the past week) started working from home full time.  One of the things I was excited about was the ability to make smoothies for breakfast....something I could never do in the past because I left my house at 4:45am....and let's be honest...that's just way to early to be pulling out the blender!

2.   I'm also in the process of reading "The New Rules of Lifting for Women".  I just started the nutrition section, and so far, I know that the author really advocates carbs/protein shakes after a weight training session.  He says it's vital.

3.  While I have NO trouble getting in my daily fruit, I lack in the vegetable category.  It's not even that I don't like veggies....I just don't eat them much.  Yet another reason to introduce this green concoction....and spinach is just SO good for you.

This was my post-workout breakfast the past two days.  I'll admit.  I was scared to try it at first, but I promise you, it's yummy.  You don't taste the spinach at all!

1 frozen banana (slice it, then freeze it)
1 T peanut butter (I used a little more...yummy)
1 cup unsweetened almond milk (only 45 cals...but you can use whatever milk you want)
1/2 cup non-fat vanilla greek yogurt (I used Chobani)
fresh spinach (I'd guess I used 2-4 cups...just fill the blender)

Approx 350 calories
12 g fat (only 1 saturated)
23 sugars (banana & yogurt)
18 g protein
172% Vitamin A (something I usually lack)
55% Vitamin C
66% Calcium
22% Iron

And Y U M M Y


I will definitely be making these 2-3 times/week. 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My Fat Pants

I had absolutely NO plans of sharing these pictures with the public when I took them yesterday.  I sent them to a couple of friends, but didn't necessarily think I'd be posting for potentially millions to see.  That being said, there's probably only 2 people reading this, so I figured it couldn't hurt!

Like I said yesterday, I'm NOT finished losing weight.  I still have a few pounds to lose and lots of toning to do, but this did help give me some perspective.  Maybe next time I take the same picture, you'll see a six pack!

It's hard when you lose a lot of weight.  When people comment on my weight loss, it's almost embarrassing.  You don't really know what to say...cause deep down, you still feel fat.  I look in the mirror and only see the imperfections and all of the places that need improvement.  As a woman, I'm pretty sure this is a normal behavior.  And if it's not normal, well, I've never really claimed to be totally normal!   

So, while I'm not totally happy with the way I look in these pictures or the fact that I ever allowed myself to be that big, I'm more than happy to say that I no longer fill those pants...and that they fell to the ground when I put them on!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Nice to Meet You!

Hi! If you don't know me, I'm Tessa.  I recently decided that I wanted somewhere to document my weight-loss/fitness progress.  Somewhere I could write…and maybe hold myself accountable!  So this is the short story….of how I got to where I was….and where I am now…
I hesitate to call this a weight-loss blog, as I’ve already lost most of my extra weight (although I’m not sure we are ever “done”).  I just want a place to document progress, recipes, just daily healthy living....even if I only have 1 or 2 people who read it! :)

I wasn’t always heavy.  In high school, there were times I was probably a little too skinny. 
(these jeans were STYLIN'....that's me on the right....circa mid-90's)

At 20, when I met Jason (my now husband), I was a very healthy size 6 or so.
(I'm in the middle)

By the time I graduated college just 2 years later, I had put on quite a bit of weight.
I lost a little for our 2006 wedding, but was still about a size 12.

By the time I got pregnant with my daughter in 2008, I had ballooned to an all time high and was wearing a size 16 (gasp).   
(this is the trip in which I got all time pre-pregnancy fattest!)

(I believe this is only about 7 months prego...yikes)

After I had my daughter, I lost a little weight and thought I was on the right track (although I wasn't trying to lose necessarily).  Then 9 months later, I quit nursing and I really packed on the pounds.   
(at my 2010)
I joined the gym at my work in January 2010.  I signed up for an 8-week weight loss challenge and immediately lost 15 pounds.  I kept working out off-and-on….and I actually managed to keep off (most) of those 15 pounds, but I didn’t lose any more.  Then my in-laws decided to take the family to Hawaii in June 2011.  Worst nightmare ever for someone who doesn’t even wear shorts, much less a swimsuit!  So I kicked it into high gear and decided I was going to lose the weight. 
December 2010  - when I REALLY started trying to lose the weight.

I dropped a couple of sizes before Hawaii, but definitely didn’t get where I wanted to be. 
both pics...July 2011

After we came back from our trip, I just kept going.  I just made the commitment to change, and I’ve stuck with it. 
To date, I’ve lost a total of 60 pounds. 
As you can see...I'm not done yet...not until I'm totally comfortable with my arms!!  Ohhhh, the dreaded arms!
I’m currently stuck between a size 6 & size 8.  I would guess that I’d like to lose another 10 pounds….maybe 15.  I’ve changed my “goals” so many times, I just honestly don’t know what my ultimate goal is.  I do know I don’t have a “weight” goal.  Weight is truly just a number.  I can weigh the exact same as someone else and be 2 sizes different than them.  IT IS JUST A NUMBER.  It’s taken me a while to accept that, but I think I truly do now.

                          People ask me all the time:  What’s your secret?  How’d you do it?
My answer:  Eat less (not really less, but different).  Move more.  And don’t ever go back to your old habits.  It really is that simple!  That being said, I do think strength training plays a pretty big part.  I *love* weight training (more on that to come in future posts).
Oh, and one more HUGE component of weight loss success…and probably the most important one – WILL, DETERMINATION & PATIENCE.  It takes time.  And you will fall off the wagon, but the next day, you just have to get right back on track. 

Keep going.  Don’t give up.  And never, ever go back.