Monday, June 18, 2012

Longest Run Yet

Today's Workout:  7.1 treadmill miles

When I turned off my watch after stretching, 1018 calories burned.

Averaged 11 min. miles which is slower than I like, but I know that when I run longer, I have to run slower.  It just makes sense.

I struggled.

I hadn't ran in 1 week (other than 2 miles on the beach), so I was having a tough time in my mind. I hate it when I can't zone out and constantly check my watch or the screen.  It makes for a pretty miserable run.  My goal was 6.5 miles but by the end, I got another burst of energy, FINALLY got in a zone and just kept going.

I love meeting new personal goals!'s to hoping my legs function properly tomorrow and shin splints stay away!

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