Thursday, June 21, 2012

Just not feeling it...

Today's Workout:  4.08 pavement miles
Slow miles....11:04 min/miles

I'm really in a "I don't wanna workout" zone this week....but I'm doing it anyway!  Sometimes you just have to suck it up, right?!

I almost talked myself out of running this morning.  My legs just feel tired and heavy.  I battled with myself for a good 10 minutes trying to figure out whether to go to the gym or get back in bed (I was already up with coffee poured).  I ended up not doing either and ran outside.

I saw another tarantula today.  I'm really not a fan of nature.  That sort of thing would never happen on the treadmill!  I really can't decide if I like outdoor running or treadmill running best.  They both have benefits.  My mind wanders more when I run outside, which is good, but it usually means I run slower.  And I have NO EXCUSE for running 11 min/miles.....I should be easily keeping a 9:30 pace by now...definitely nothing over a 10:00 pace!  I don't know what's going on with me the last couple of weeks and why I am running so much slower.  *Sigh*

Tomorrow is strength today, so I'll probably just do a 1-2 mile warm-up before hitting the weights.  Then maybe I'll take Sat/Sun off.  We shall see.

On another note, we had spaghetti squash for dinner again last night with our leftover meat sauce.  I cooked it longer this time and it was much better and not nearly as crunchy!  I even liked it plain.  I think my husband is on board with this being a "keeper" as well.

So, nothing newsworthy to report (the usual for my blog).

So....I'll end with this....

Happy Thursday!
I can't believe it's almost the weekend again.  Yay!

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