Monday, June 4, 2012

New Running Shoes

For the first time, I went to a specialty running store (Luke's Locker) and purchased a pair of decent shoes.  In the past, I'd always picked shoes pretty much by the way they looked....and by price.  This experience was much different than that!

The salesperson had me take off my shoes and walk around.  He said I had a pretty high arch, which means that I don't necessarily need a lot of cushion, as my arch can absorb much of the shock.  I thought that was interesting.  So you flat-footed people....get some decent padding in those shoes! :)

I did my best to NOT purchase based upon how the shoe looked but rather on how it felt.  The pair I picked are lighter than what I have had in the past.  They aren't a totally minimalist shoe, but they are a little more lightweight.

I ran about 3.5 miles yesterday and a little over 6 miles today in far, so good. I'm sure I'm suppose to ease into a new pair of shoes.....but I like to just jump right on in!

When my husband saw them for the first time he said "oh, um, your new shoes....they're um, bright".

I informed him that they serve a purpose.  They will get my legs where they need to go and I'm not running in any fashion shows anytime in the near future.  I don't wear running shoes for anything other than exercise....ever, so I don't really care what they look like.  And I didn't think they were THAT bad!

I'm just happy the salesman didn't make me try on this pair, as it would have been difficult for me to be indifferent:

Apparently, they can't keep these bad boys in stock
No offense if you own these....I'm just pretty conservative when it comes to know, blacks, browns, grays...the occassional green or blue or pink, but never ever something this bright!  With weight loss comes more maybe next time!  LOL

So the salesman told me with the mileage I'm currently running, I will need new shoes every 4-5 months!  What?!  These things cost more than twice what I would normally pay!  UGH! 

So...whoever wants to start contributing to my running shoe fund, feel free.  I'm not too proud!  Oh, I'm kidding.......kind of.

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