Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Workouts & Personal Trainers?

I'm tired this week.  You'd think since I'm working from home and not driving a minimum of 2 hours every day that I wouldn't be as tired....but this week my body is just physically exhausted.

This week's workout schedule

(cause if you put it in writing, you have to do it!)

Monday 5:30 pm - BodyStep (quite a bit different than regular step!)  CHECK!
Tuesday 6:00 am - BodyPump (2nd time; used a lot more weight this time...loved it)  CHECK!
Wednesday 6:30 am - Personal trainer/Weights CHECK!
Thursday - undecided - either 6am BodyAttack or run
Friday - run
Saturday - off
Sunday - run

When I joined this gym, I received 2 free personal training sessions.  I thought I'd do them and be done, but I'm thinking it may be beneficial for me to hire him.  I've been "stuck" for the past month or so.  No real weight change.  No real inches lost that I can tell.  Just maintaining.  I'm sure all of the changes with my job & schedule are partially to blame.  I'm sure the chips I have with my lunch are the other part!  I know if I put my mind to it, I could lose the last few pounds; however, I'm just kind of "content" at the moment and don't have that desire to be strict with my diet!

Need motivation!

I discussed briefly with the trainer this morning about my goals.  He said a 15 pound weight loss is probably a little much but that he thought he could get me where I wanted to be physically...even if it meant staying the same weight.  Of course he's going to say that...he's selling himself....but he did give me good workouts, pushed me to lift heavier and made me do things I hadn't done before....SO......maybe it's worth it?

He's on his honeymoon next least I have a week to decide if the money would be well spent!

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