Thursday, May 17, 2012


I work from home (this began about 5 weeks ago....when I was blessed with an awesome opportunity). 

To MANY, this means that I'm a "stay at home mom".  That couldn't be farther from the truth.

I'm in my office from (at least) 8am-5pm.  I have conference call after call after call.  It's not some "cushy" job where I just sit and watch TV all day.  Promise!  I was actually talking with a friend the other day about how I've only turned on the TV ONCE in those 5 weeks.

That being said, I do have more flexibility than at my previous job.

I'm not driving 50 miles EACH WAY to traffic.  I've gained at minimum 2 hours of my day back and a lot of sanity!

If I need to run an errand and I don't have a meeting, it's possible to run to Target and pick up necessities (or a cute skirt)

If I need to pick up Olivia 30 minutes early to take her to her first swim lesson, it's much easier to do so.

  There are major benefits that FAR outweigh any negatives.  I feel normal.  Trust me.  I'm NOT complaining!!! 

But a "problem" has come up....

Originally, I thought since I was going to be working from home that it would be SO easy to find time to workout.  I could workout after I dropped off Olivia or in the middle of the day between meetings.

Boy, was I wrong! 

Like I said, from 8-5, I am in my office.  I barely remember that I can get up and put a load of laundry in!  I know I can't just go missing for 2 hours in the middle of the day to enjoy a workout.

The first couple of weeks, I did manage to get in a few outdoor runs in the middle of the day.  I didn't have much going on.  Now it's getting so hot in North Texas, even if I had time to go out and run, I just don't want to!  I DESPISE the heat and don't really do very well in it. 

You still reading??? Hang with me....I have a point, I think.

So, pretty much daily for the past 5 weeks, my alarm has gone off at 5:00am.  It's better than the 4:30am alarm that used to go off, but it's still not exactly what I had envisioned!  After all, I work from home (i.e. makeup and even showers aren't necessary. LOL).  I should be able to easily sleep until 7:00, but unfortunately, that's just not reality.  Sure, I could sleep until 7:00 every day (like my husband told me to do), but I'd rather be healthy.  I'd rather be a smaller size.  I'd rather feel good about myself.  I enjoy feeling strong when I work out.  Apparently, I'm also fairly competitive, which is something I never really knew about myself! Ha.

So instead of sleeping in, I get up before dawn and hit the gym because that's the only time I can realistically fit it in. point...I almost forgot....

If you want something bad enough, you'll make it happen.

It may have to happen differently than you had planned.  It may not be ideal.  It may take some sacrifice.  If it truly matters and it's something you truly want, you'll do it.

This entire thought process came from after having a conversation with my husband that I was tired of getting up so early and that I shouldn't "have" to...cause I work from home!  An alarm that early when you work from home  is crazy!  Where's my extra sleep?!?!?!  He just looked at me crazy and said I didn't HAVE to.  Anyway...just got me to thinking...hence, this really long wordy blog that really doesn't say a whole lot!  Really...if you're still reading...I'm impressed!


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