Monday, May 21, 2012

Motivational Pins

I *heart* Pinterest.

I've gotten so many great ideas...decorating, recipes, kid name it, it's on Pinterest. And I actually really DO make the recipes and do some of the things I pin. Amazing concept! Lol I do have a Fitness/Motivational board. And I do go back and read them sometimes. There are a couple of these that I repeat to myself on a regular basis, so I thought I'd share. Maybe they'll inspire you (or at least make you laugh) as well.

This is a good one...

I actually did this once.   I did 1,000 jumping jacks in a day (and planned to continue for the week).  I stopped after Day 1.  I do not reccommend this!  My calves were so sore I couldn't walk for days! Lesson learned!

LOVE this one too.  So true...and we've ALL been guilty of saying it.

I know ONE person that would like this....but that's it!  :)

And we'll end on a little humor mixed with a little truth!

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