Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ice Ice Baby....

I bet the title of this post definitely got my mom to read! Thanks by the way...for all those years of picking me up from school and trying to humiliate me while you jammed to something like Vanilla Ice.  Appreciate it.  :)

I used to get shin splints nearly every time I ran, whether it was a treadmill run or an outside run. I haven't had them in a long time.  Either they became less and less as I lost weight or just because I got used to running.  I assume it's probably a combination of the two.

I ran 6 miles this morning and stretched pretty good afterwards, but within minutes of being home, my shins were already crying.

So I decided to ice.

I'm pretty certain most people don't ice for a mere 6 miles and would call me an amateur.

So be it!

I sat at my desk, feet propped on a dining room chair, with my wireless keyboard in my lap and worked with ice on my legs.  It felt SO good!  I'm really really hopeful it will mean they won't be as sore tomorrow!

And if you haven't noticed, I have a 3 year old; therefore, I have age-appropriate ice packs.  Once these were no longer doing the job, I did get baggies of actual ice.

Good thing I didn't plan on running tomorrow.  It's BodyAttack day!  I've only been once, but it was really good.  It's a sports-influenced cardio class.  It was really high impact...move, move move...which is right up my ally.  Hopefully by Friday, when I plan to run again, my shins will be healed.

If anyone has any tried and true tips for either preventing shin splints or curing them, feel free to share!  I'd love to hear!

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