Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Up and running....literally.

Today:  5.15 treadmill miles

Word of advise:  if you want to do high intensity interval training, do it at the BEGINNING of your workout, not the END like I did today.  I don't know WHAT made me think doing HIIT was a good idea after already running for 30 minutes.....but I did it, and I'm still alive.

I haven't had Internet service since mid-day Friday (big shout out to AT&T for that).  I finally got them here and got it fixed yesterday afternoon....good thing since I work from home and Internet service is pretty much a job requirement.

I took Saturday, Sunday AND Monday off from working out.  I have a lot going on personally and have been super stressed out.  I decided to take a few days off and try to relax and get a little extra sleep in the mornings.  I'm not sure if it has helped or not!  My husband would probably still say I'm a crazy person...and I probably am!

I have every intention of working out the remainder of the week.  After all, it builds natural endorphins and just makes you feel good!

Won't you join me?!

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