Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Insane? Maybe a little!

Starting Monday, January 14, I will be starting a 60 day BeachBody Challenge.  I cannot WAIT to get started!  Well, actually, I'm a little scared.  Maybe a lot scared.  Scared of failing.  Scared it will be too challenging.  Scared I'll let people myself down.
But I'm ready!
I'm committing to do 6 days of "Insanity" with Shakeology (once a day) in addition to my regular running.  I have to at least keep doing my long runs on the weekend or I'll never be ready for the half marathon in less than 50 days!!! 
A girl I go to church with is a BeachBody coach.  She talked me into it (although it really didn't take much).  I need to get back on track...and what I've been doing lately hasn't worked....phoning it in isn't cutting it.  I've got to lose the weight I've gained and then some. 
 And I love challenges.  I love setting out to do something and following it through until completion.   I have a friend, Hannah, that is doing it too!  And I think my mom is joining us as well (although she'll be doing a different workout).

I am going to do my best to give it my all.  In addition to the brutal workouts and runs, I plan to eat as clean as possible....to avoid too many processed foods...to avoid eating out....to avoid desserts (other than a sugar free popsicle maybe?) . SURELY I can do that for a mere 2 months, right? 
Anyone want to join me?  Leave me a comment or message me and I'll get you in touch with my BeachBody coach.
And in 60 days, you I may just get to see a picture of my beach body!  Don't worry - I promise it won't be too revealing! But I do plan to take before/after shots to see the progress.
I'm excited!!!!  Are you in?!?!?!?!?

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